Mobile Tickets

High performing, reliable and customized mobile tickets  
Traditional ticket booking has transformed into a digital platform. For more than a decade, we have supported the digital transformation of Danish public transport companies and continue to remain among the leading providers of mobile ticket software solutions.

Unlock savings with mobile tickets
Switching to virtual tickets generates savings on the cost of ticket distribution, acquisition and ticket machine maintenance. By extending ticket sales to all mobile devices for ticket purchases anywhere and anytime, the cost connected with traditional paper-based ticketing will be reduced, while customer convenience – and sales – will increase.

A win-win solution
Mobile tickets provide numerous benefits for both the consumer and ticketing providers.

By providing new and simple ways to purchase tickets, passengers will benefit from convenient and fast ticket purchases, pay their fare by secure payment transactions and enjoy exclusive offers and innovative ticketing options, that embrace their mobile lifestyle.

Embrace the mobile transformation and experience how mobile tickets allow businesses to reduce business costs, advance business technology and improve customer service.




Midttrafik App

More than a million ticket purchases in a year
When Midttrafik launched their first mobile ticketing solution, a record-breaking success followed. In less than a year, more than a million mobile tickets were sold through Midttrafik app, which allows customers to purchase single-, multi -, transit- and combi trip tickets, as well as commuter passes.

Three in four purchases are made using MobilePay, which is the highest percentage experienced by MobilePay in a larger Danish company.

Arriva app & webshop

More freedom and convenience than ever before
Arriva app has made it possible to buy single tickets and commuter cards for trains all over the country. Passengers are free to buy tickets wherever they want, whenever they want – no more waiting in line and no more scrambling for change.

With a ticket machine in their pocket, passengers can select the right transit fare for their situation and travel needs, while paying for the ticket directly in the mobile app.

Fynbus app

A golden ticket
In 2008 FynBus launched the very first mobile transport ticket in Denmark – the SMS ticket. Ever since, mobile ticketing has been an ongoing success, accounting for more than 2 million tickets sold and a steadily increasing use of the digital service.

Today, the SMS ticket has been replaced by the mobile ticket app, facilitating purchase of single tickets for bus journeys on Funen and Langeland.

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