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Quality ticket applications for public transportation – seamless mobility with next generation mobile ticketing solutions for the public transportation of the future. 

Kofoed & Co - A digital frontrunner in mobile app development

Kofoed & Co

Delivering impactful and profitable business results through digital transformation, based on more than a decade of experience in innovative software development.

Kofoed&co – who we are, what we do and what we offer

Kofoed & Co combine the best in software engineering, experience design and innovative technology to create intelligent, secure and highly scalable mobile and interactive ticket solutions for all platforms.

Specializing in ticketing apps for public transport companies, we develop high performing and reliable software solutions, that make it possible for customers to purchase digital mobile tickets, commuter passes and discount cards on the go.

Every single day our applications issue more than tens of thousands of tickets for buses and trains in Denmark, which is a testament to our in-depth knowledge of the public transport sector, as well as the technical stability and quality of our software.

Mobile Ticketing for Transport

Simpler,  cheaper, easier, faster
Go digital and introduce a modern way for passengers to pay their fares. With a mobile ticketing solution, passengers can buy and display tickets using what is always in their pocket: their mobile phone.

Operators will benefit from reduced costs and a simplified distribution and delivery of tickets, while customers will enjoy the convenience of paperless, fluid and effortless ticket and card purchase.

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Kofoed & Co - Christian Meisner Kofoed - CEO & Sales

Christian Meisner Kofoed

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Marketing Manager

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Kofoed & Co - Troels Andersen - Project Manager

Troels Andersen

Project Manager

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